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梅琳達 Melinda L.

遇見Hazel給我們人生帶來巨大的改變。她不但教會我關於營養和食物分量的控制,還教會發掘更加健康、快樂的自我的途徑。在Hazel 的幫助下,我重新培養健康的飲食習慣,這些習慣可以伴隨我的一生。我不能用言語來表達我對她的感激之情, 是她幫助我向一個更加美好的自我轉變。在Hazel均衡營養飲食方法的幫助下,我在前5個月內瘦了30磅。 在隨後的15各月中, 我總共瘦了50磅。現在我通過健康合理的飲食和運動就可以維持體重。簡而言之,我衣服的尺寸從16碼變為8碼。我健康的減肥之路還會持續下去,而且我離達到我目標體重140磅---只差10磅。 減肥給我帶來的變化簡直是神奇的。我現在不僅更加有活力、更加美好,而且我還成為我心中想要成為的自我。 感謝Hazel給我人生帶來新的篇章。

Ruby R.

With great pleasure I would like to give special recognition to dietitian Lisa and Hazel for helping in my weight loss journey. I am very grateful to have met them. I participated in the Weight Loss program in 2020 where I managed to lose close to 20 pounds. Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled with my weight. In 2020 I was the heaviest I had ever been, thankfully I found the Smart Eater website and signed up for their weight loss program. The program not only focuses on losing weight and inches off the body but more importantly a change of mindset. With dietitian Lisa I was able to shift my perspective and relationship with food. As a result till this day I have managed to keep the weight off and I am motivated to continue my weight loss journey. With both Hazel and Lisa they helped me discover a safe and effective way to lose weight while keeping my health both mental and physical a priority. There are such amazing and resourceful skills that I learned such as understanding portions and fueling my body with a balanced diet. Also the support and the new tools such as the food tracker and recipes were very helpful in achieving my goal. Thank you Lisa for being resourceful, knowledgeable and prioritizing the patient’s needs and concerns.

Julio N.

I would like to thank my dietitian Dorothy Ian for helping me with my weight loss path. Thanks to Dorothy’s motivation and her advice, I was able to lose 55 lbs in 6 months. Now she is teaching me and helping me learn how to maintain my weight. 

Daisy M.

I want to thank you first of all for all your support and always pushing me and giving me good advice on my diet and for helping me understand how my metabolism works. With your portion advice and knowing what foods to avoid so I could be more on track on my diet from my starting weight 280 to 200 it has made a great difference in my life. Thank you for being thru my journey with me on my gastric sleeve surgery. It has made it more easier on the whole experience.

Sandra M.

Miss Dorothy, I wanted you to know that thanks to all your help my journey has been easier than I would have ever imagined. I started a new chapter in my life to a better healthier me. And you not only guided me through this whole process but you held my hand and walked with me. Assuring me that everything would be okay. I had to learn about (the right food) portions and eating habits and other nutritional stuff. That i now use in a daily basis. Thanks to you my journey into my new life has been and continues to be a success. I no longer need my Diabetes and cholesterol medications. And for that I will always be grateful.

Daniel D.

Since starting dieting I feel a lot more quicker, have more energy, more active. Even people have started to notice the weight loss and have gotten very positive vibes from everyone I know. I also love the fact that I need to wear a belt to hold my pants up.

Pelenakeke S.

Changes since I have lost 20 pounds: more energized, I feel more energetic and am doing more at work. Walking further distances. I am not taking any pain medicines anymore because of the weight loss. My weight isn’t as heavy on my knees and joints. I can bend over and tie my shoes without feeling out of breath from sucking my gut in.   I have to buy new clothes at a smaller size, I had to buy a belt to wear with my shorts and jeans.

Sandra A.

Dr. Hazel Ng,   Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a brand new person once I started to follow your diet advice. You are a God sent, I was so low on energy, headache, nausea, vomiting. But one I followed your instruction, I have been renewed. Thank you.

Guzman C.

I would like to thank you for helping me improve my nutrition and get on the right path to understanding and learning to manage my diabetes and cholesterol. I heard so many things from so many sources, such as TV, family members, and friends. Their intentions were good, but the conflicting information confused me more and more. So I'd like to thank you for putting me on the right path and doing it in a way that any one can understand. Once I dedicated myself to following your plan, I experienced the greatest results I've had in a long time. I modified my ways of eating and it has helped me tremendously. I don't feel starved and I'm very content and happy that my health is changing for the better. Moderate exercise and a balanced meal is all that is required, anyone can do it. Again, I thank you for guidance.

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